Welcome to the Philosophy Photography Lab!

This on-line platform was created in order to build a community of artists who are interested in philosophy as a way of critical thinking, as a practice of discerning ideas and as a springboard for exploring creativity.
It is also targeted to philosophers and researchers, who are interested in collaborating with artists, learning from their practice, exchanging views and making projects together.

The Lab is designed to operate on different levels.
Here are some of the different ways:

Artists work with a philosopher on a specific topic, in order to create a project together. An on-line lecture, tutorials, group discussions and mentoring are included.
Artists are invited to send their work and we provide them with out of the box consulting.
We work with artists, academics and researchers to create interdisciplinary projects. There are three on-going projects which explore intersections/ transfigurations between:
i/ literature/image/philosophy/architecture,
ii/ digital humanities/philosophy/photography,
iii/ digital poetry/image/philosophy of information
We track photographers who have created work revolving around a philosophical concept, or have been inspired by the idea(s) of a philosopher.
We welcome philosophers to share papers which may be of interest to artists, in order for the latter to discover new ideas. We also host philosophers’ talks with lens-based artists.
Works in progress by philosophers who wish the photographers’ input and series of works by photographers which could use the philosophers’ insight are happily accepted here. Open calls and other activities are also posted waiting for you to participate!

Behind the scenes

Dr. Alexandra Athanasiadou

The founder and director of the lab is Dr. Alexandra Athanasiadou. Alexandra is a researcher in image theory and art professional with an interdisciplinary approach to photography. She has had more than ten years’ experience in the photography world and has a ceaseless curiosity in experimentation.

Alexandra holds a Phd in Aesthetics from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, an MA in History of Art from the Courtauld Art Institute, London, a BA in Philosophy/Modern Languages from Oxford University (St.Hilda’s College) and a BA from Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Athens.

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