Photographers and/or lens-based artists working together with a philosopher on a specific topic to create a project

Working with a philosopher Roll up your sleeves and let’s get to work! In this section of the Lab, we are aiming at having lens-based artists set on board with a philosopher and working together on a specific topic. The purpose is for artists to empower their thinking tools and the way they structure their ideas and on the other hand, for a philosopher to have a hands-on experience of the artistic practice, in order to potentially use that for their research. Make note that although the project is mainly designed for artists to learn and expand their thinking methodology, it is also focused on the enrichment of the creative process with the aim of producing a body of work inspired from their encounter with a philosopher.

How it works All artists using lens-based imagery are invited to submit their work and participate in the project. The number of participating artists will be small (6-8) and a selection will take place based on their portfolio. The goal is to have a close collaboration between the philosopher and the artists to ensure a personalized experience and an effective method of exchanging views and discussing images.

Crisis? What crisis?, Supertramp

This year the topic is
Framing Crisis

The notion of crisis permeates contemporary reality through and through. Often, it appears as a catchword, suggesting that what we are confronted with is spectacular, shocking or alarming. For photography, crisis is not only a recurrent topic to be depicted; it also hits the idea of representation and the trust in the technical image. Both, reality itself and the forms and formats through which it is mediated are nowadays shaken by crisis in various ways. But what exactly do we mean when we speak of crisis?

The term crisis is rooted in the ancient Greek verb κρίνω (to decide, to separate, to judge, to fight), which has evolved into “critique” as subjective activity on the one hand, and “crisis” as its objective counterpart, on the other hand. The modern concept of crisis seizes a critical situation, in which “new ’causes’ […] disturb the existing equilibrium”(Valéry). Constituted by a complex temporality of change, it pushes for the radical transformation of its very conditions. How can photography challenge pervasive clichéd representations of crisis in order to subvert gridlocked perceptions? How can it grasp the critical dimension of both, an actual crisis and the crisis of its images? Is it possible to generate a critical framing of crisis? These and other questions will be addressed during this workshop.

Stefanie Baumann

The Philosopher

PHLSPH has invited
Stefanie Baumann

Stefanie Baumann


Stefanie Baumann is currently a researcher at CineLab/IFILNOVA (New University of Lisbon), where she coordinates the working group “Thinking Documentary Film”. She obtained her PhD in philosophy in 2013 with a doctoral thesis on Walid Raad’s artistic project The Atlas Group. She has taught Philosophy, Aesthetics and Contemporary Art Theory at University Paris VIII (Paris, 2007-2010), AshkalAlwan (Beirut, 2013), ALBA – the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts/ University of Balamand (Beirut, 2012- 2015) and the Maumaus Independent Study Program (Lisbon, since 2016). From 2005 to 2010 she worked closely with the artist Esther Shalev-Gerz and collaborated with the video artists Marie Voignier and Mounira Al Solh on several projects.


This is a video created in less than a day by the participating artists of the MA of KABK. It presents the ‘creative reaction’ of every participant to the theory, discussions, open questions and various visual strategies which were offered during the seminar. The goal of the thematic seminar was to instigate critical thinking on the theme and then for the participating artists to contribute in any form they wanted – from notes to printed works to just a quote that might have inspired them. What was at stake was being engaged in the process and not the production of a final work; to make this more clear to the viewer the artists were asked to compliment their work/work-in-progress with a question, a quote or a title to show the link which inspired them.



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Respectively it is targeted to philosophers and researchers, who are interested in conversing with artists, sharing knowledge and also learning from their artistic practice.It is a lab where visual artists mostly work with philosophers and not exclusively on philosophy. In that respect philosophical texts and wider topics may be in our areas of interest more as a means to explore seeing and thinking rather than the end on which we focus to extract information. It is lab which also aims at creating through experimentation and transfigurations of artefacts material which may raise philosophical questions and discussion.